Coconut Oil and Sun Tanning for Perfect Bronze Tan


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Coconut Oil and Sun Tanning for Perfect Bronze TanCoconut oil and sun tanning seem to be two things that can mean each other. Actually, coconut oil is one of the best tanning oil that can help you to get your golden tan in short time.

If you want to go into the sun, you can use this coconut oil to change your usual tanning oil. It has a great ability to help you tanning your skin while protect it from the exposure of strong ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Are you wondering how to use this coconut oil as sun tanning? Let’s check this out below!

It is pretty simple to apply coconut oil as your tanning oil. You just need to put the coconut oil all over your body as you do it when you use tanning lotion or sunscreen. If you want to get the practical one once you want to bring it outside your home, you can put the coconut oil and sun tanning into spray or pump bottle.

For suggestion, if it is your first time applying coconut oil for your tanning, you should re-apply rubbing the oil every ten minutes. Moreover, you need to remember that coconut oil doesn’t protect your skin 100% from the sun’s ray, so you may not stay out too long.

Actually, 15-20 minutes a day can make you get a really deep brown tan and also can soak you up with adequate amount of vitamin D. Well, it is really easy to use coconut oil as your tanning oil, isn’t it? Luckily, there are some good points of using coconut oil and sun tanning. Of course it can help you to rapidly get your desired brown skin while keep it moisturize and nourish.

Moreover, it can be used by skin of all types even the sensitive one. That’s why coconut oil is a good choice for natural tanning oil.

Now, you may wonder what the best coconut oil to choose is. First of all, you need to choose unrefined coconut oil since the refined one will not work as nice as the unrefined one. The refined coconut oil don’t contain necessary fatty acids as the unrefined one and you will not get the same skin benefits as mentioned above when you are choosing the refined one.

Actually there is some coconut oil products offered in the market. Make sure that you choose the one which says 100% pure or virgin. That’s all about this coconut oil and sun tanning.

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